4 Birth Injury Myths

Blog,Medical Malpractice • July 1, 2020

Nothing can truly prepare you when you receive terrible news right after a difficult labor and delivery. The elated and joyous emotions of welcoming a new child into the world can suddenly be overwhelmed by negative feelings of sadness, anger, and confusion when you find out that something went terribly wrong. These feelings are entirely normal, and having questions is more than understandable. 

A birth injury can happen regardless of how careful and prepared a new mother may be. In some cases, medical complications are just beyond the mother’s control, but a birth injury could be caused by poor prenatal care advice or medical errors at the time of delivery. Sadly, health care professionals could try to explain away the mistake in a way that is far from the truth. 

Mothers whose children have suffered birth injuries likely have heard some myths about these situations. If any of the following situations sound relevant, you should consult with a New Jersey birth injury attorney because there may be legal options that you should consider. 

Myth #1 | My Baby Was Just Born This Way

There are many different kinds of birth injuries, some of which are generic or just how the baby developed naturally, but in other cases, they happen during the delivery process or labor. It can often be hard to understand the difference. 

Talking to a qualified birth injury lawyer in New Jersey could help you determine if the injury could have actually been something caused by the physician. Your attorney can also contact other medical professionals who can provide you with an informed opinion as to what the real cause of your baby’s injuries may have been. 

Myth #2 | It Is Too Late to File a Birth Injury Claim

There are cases where you may have waited too long to file a medical malpractice claim, but you do have some time after you realize your child may have a birth injury to put forward your claim. It can also take some time to properly understand that your baby was injured due to the actions of a physician or other health care practitioner. 

You could not fully realize what may have caused your baby’s condition immediately. This delayed realization can increase the amount of time that you have to file your claim. A birth injury attorney in New Jersey will be able to inform you if you are within the deadline to file. If you are not, you can find out if there are any exceptions that may apply to your case. 

Myth #3 | The Physician Could Not Have Done Anything Differently

You may believe that your physician did everything expected of him of her, but you may not know the entire story. You may not know that some kind of negligence or error took place until after you were able to review the medical records or talk to the physician under oath. A New Jersey medical malpractice lawyer can help you gather this evidence to see if any errors occurred. 

Other medical experts can also examine your case and determine if it was likely that an error was present. You should get a second opinion to be certain that the physician did everything correctly. 

Myth #4 | At This Point, Nothing I Do Can Make My Situation Better

You may not be able to undo whatever happened to your child, but you can still assert a legal claim that can potentially give your child a better future. Birth injuries can be very expensive to treat properly. They can also require lifestyle adjustments for your child. A legal claim could potentially help you obtain the financial compensation you need to cover these costs and make any required changes for your child. 

Medical Malpractice Cases in New Jersey

4 Birth Injury MythsMedical malpractice would never happen in a perfect world, and health care providers would always provide us with the medical treatments necessary. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Statistics show that medical malpractice is the cause of nearly 120,000 fatalities each year. While this may be surprising, shockingly, fewer than 3% of malpractice victims ever pursue compensation for their injuries or other damages. That means many deserving victims never end up filing a medical malpractice claim. 

The legal team at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC believes that all victims of medical malpractice deserve to recover the compensation needed to cover their losses and damages resulting from an instance of medical malpractice. Medical negligence or medical errors can potentially lead to injuries and even completely devastate a patient, worsening their condition. Sometimes, malpractice can require that patients undergo further medical treatment.

Those unfairly injured by the negligence of a health care professional should contact a qualified medical malpractice lawyer in New Jersey. The firm of Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC has the experience and resources to ensure that your case is treated fairly and that your rightful compensation is recovered. Our medical malpractice lawyers help victims and their families obtain cash settlements for lost income, medical costs, and pain and suffering. If a trusted physician has unfairly injured you or a loved one has been, contact our law offices today at (201) 997- 0030. Our legal team will fight diligently on your behalf and make sure those responsible for your injuries are held accountable.