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Teens & Distracted Driving [2023 Study]

Car Accidents • May 20, 2024

The dangers of distracted driving are amplified for teens, who encounter numerous distractions behind the wheel. As parents and community members, it’s a top priority to understand and address these risks. Education on this issue is critical as we work collectively towards reducing its prevalence among teen drivers. If the worst does transpire and you’re…

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Child Safety & Home Injury Prevention Tips

Personal Injury • March 30, 2024

Ensuring a child’s safety within the home is an ongoing process critical to their well-being and development. As they grow, so does their curiosity, which often leads them into potentially dangerous situations. However, with awareness and proper precautions in place at home, you can significantly decrease the likelihood of them getting injured in preventable situations….

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Are Teenage Drivers at Higher Risk of Crashing?

Car Accidents,Personal Injury • March 30, 2024

When it comes to the likelihood of being involved in a motor vehicle crash, teenage drivers aged 16 to19 are particularly at risk. This age group leads all others with a significantly higher propensity for such accidents: their rate of fatal crashes is almost three times as high compared to drivers who are 20 and…

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Timeline of a New Jersey Car Accident Lawsuit

Car Accidents,Personal Injury • March 28, 2024

After a car accident resulting in personal injuries, navigating the legal proceedings in New Jersey can be complicated and overwhelming. Understanding the general timeline and what steps to expect during a Jersey City car accident lawsuit greatly helps with preparation for what’s ahead. Here’s a breakdown: Immediate Aftermath of The Accident In the immediate aftermath…

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Playground Safety Tips for New Parents

Personal Injury • March 28, 2024

As a new parent, bringing your child to the playground is not just an exciting adventure for them but also a delightful chance to watch them explore. It’s here that they can challenge their physical limits, make friends, and cherish their childhood. However, it’s important to take steps to avoid accidents and injuries, ensuring the…

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What Are the Most Common Driving Distractions?

Car Accidents,Personal Injury • March 26, 2024

Understanding common driving distractions is crucial, as they account for a significant number of road accidents. With the advent of mobile technology and other in-car systems, distracted driving has become an epidemic, increasingly leading to car accidents, causing serious injuries and fatalities every day. The following are some of the most common driving distractions: Cell…

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What to Expect During a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawsuit

Personal Injury • March 26, 2024

When you’re considering legal action following an injury in New Jersey, knowing what to expect from a personal injury lawsuit becomes essential. The outcomes of these suits can have life-changing implications for the injured party and their families, making it essential for them to understand the involved legal steps, from filing all the way to…

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What is a Trial Lawyer?

Personal Injury • February 28, 2024

Civil trial attorneys (or litigators) provide clients with representation in court during civil trials. They take part in each phase of litigation from initial investigation through discovery and trial proceedings – even appeals if needed. The primary responsibility of a trial lawyer is to advocate on behalf of their clients’ best interest in settlement negotiations…

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How a Car Accident Can Cause a Stroke

Car Accidents,Personal Injury • February 26, 2024

Car accidents are an unfortunately common reality across the country, and New Jersey is no exception. Each year, millions suffer injuries, not only immediately in the accident but also those emerging in the aftermath. While strokes are unlikely to occur as a direct result of the car accident as it occurs, it is one of…

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Explaining the “Eggshell Plaintiff” Rule

Personal Injury • February 26, 2024

Jersey City personal injury law is designed to protect individuals who have been harmed due to someone else’s negligence or deliberate actions. An integral part of navigating these legal situations involves understanding key principles that might affect the outcome of a case, one of which is the “Eggshell Plaintiff” rule. What is The Eggshell Plaintiff…

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