Common Causes of Motorcycle Accident Deaths

Motorcycle Accidents,Personal Injury • February 19, 2024

Motorcycles can be a thrilling way to get around, but they come with a unique set of risks, particularly due to the motorcycle’s smaller size and vulnerability compared to other vehicles on the road. Understanding the cause of motorcycle accident deaths allows you to take steps to protect yourself on the road and avoid becoming another statistic. The following are some of the most common causes of motorcycle-related wrongful death lawsuits in Jersey City:

Driving Under The Influence

Alcohol impairment remains a significant danger for motorcyclists. According to 2017 statistics, over 35 percent of motorcycle drivers who lost their lives in New Jersey motorcycle crashes were under the influence of alcohol — this figure is notably 10 percent higher than the national average. Alcohol not only impairs judgment but also significantly hampers reaction times and coordination needed for safe riding.


The thrill that comes with faster speeds can be alluring for many riders; however, speeding was identified as a key factor contributing to numerous motorcycle accidents in 2021. Speed reduces reaction time when recognizing an emerging hazard and trying to effectively respond to it, increasing the likelihood and severity of crashes.

Driver Inattention

Driver Inattention is a significant cause of many motorcycle accidents. In these accidents, the driver, either of the motorcycle or another vehicle involved in the incident, was not fully focused on the road but distracted by other activities instead. This could include things like looking at a cell phone, having a conversation with passengers, or even daydreaming.

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting, a practice where a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of stopped or slower moving cars, is another common cause for motorcycle accidents. The relatively close proximity to other vehicles during lane splitting increases the chances of contact. At the same time, drivers may not anticipate that a motorcycle will be passing them in slowed or stopped traffic and might make sudden moves without signaling. This unpredictability can lead to a fatal accident.


While riding techniques and experience do play vital roles in preventing accidents, adherence to traffic laws is equally important. In 2021 alone, rule-breaking behaviors such as improper passing and following other vehicles too closely were significant factors in at least 15 fatal motorcycle crashes in New Jersey. These acts not only put the violator at risk but also endanger everyone else on the road.

Inexperienced Riders

Inexperienced riders are also a significant factor in motorcycle accidents. Operating a motorcycle requires skill and quick decision-making, and experienced motorcyclists generally have more effective reactions and the capacity to assess road situations accurately. Those new or inexperienced with riding might not handle pressure well or understand how to manage hazards safely.

Failing to Wear a Helmet

Failing to wear a helmet, or wearing one that is not appropriate for a motorcycle, significantly increases the risk of severe injury and fatality in an accident. Helmets offer critical head and brain protection in case of a collision – they absorb some of the crash impact thereby reducing force exerted on the skull.

Motorcycle accidents can have severe consequences, and awareness of these risks is crucial not just for motorcyclists but for all road users to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you’ve been involved in a collision and believe someone else’s negligent behavior was the cause, it’s essential to reach out to a Jersey City motorcycle accident lawyer right away. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.