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Thanks to modern medicine, a great deal can be done to prevent a heart attack or to treat it when it occurs. The key to a successful outcome is a prompt and accurate diagnosis, followed by proper treatment.

When diagnosing a heart attack, doctors usually focus on classic symptoms such as crushing chest pain or numbness in an arm or leg. Unfortunately, more subtle symptoms of a heart attack, including abdominal discomfort, shortness of breath and nausea, mirror those of other non-life-threatening conditions. As a result, doctors may fail to recognize the severity of the situation and misdiagnose the patient’s medical condition. Frequently, these patients are sent home, only to experience a serious or fatal heart attack.

Seeking Compensation For Injured Patients

If you or someone you love suffered a heart attack following the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of heart attack warning signs, the attorneys of Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC, can review your case to determine whether you have a legal claim for medical malpractice. Since 1965, our law firm has provided strong yet compassionate representation to victims of heart attack misdiagnosis and other forms of medical malpractice in Essex County, Hudson County and throughout North Jersey.

We are certified trial lawyers with the extensive experience and resources necessary to succeed in complex medical malpractice cases. In our nearly 50 years of practice, our firm has obtained millions of dollars in financial compensation for clients who sustained catastrophic injury due to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of heart attack, strokecancer and other serious conditions. We combine our commitment to legal excellence with a shared commitment to personalized attention and compassionate service.

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Contact us to learn more about your rights following a delayed heart attack diagnosis in Newark and Jersey City. We offer free consultations and can be reached at (201) 997-0030, or via email. Our misdiagnosed heart attack lawyers represent clients in Essex County, Hudson County and throughout North Jersey.

Medical malpractice cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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