Improper driver training

Trucking Company Negligence: Driver Training

Trucking companies are required by federal law to make sure that their drivers are trained and meet specific standards. If a driver has not completed the required training or is otherwise unfit for the job, a lawyer may be able to hold the company liable for the damages and injuries caused by its driver.

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At the law firm of Brady Reilly & Cardoso (BRC), in Kearny, New Jersey, our lawyers help people injured in trucking accidents caused by a poorly trained or untrained driver. We have been handling these cases since the 1970s and have had a remarkable record of success in such matters. We have been able to obtain damages and compensation for medical expenses and other costs for clients with serious truck accident injuries.

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We help clients understand their rights and their options after a truck accident. We make sure they understand the legal process and any time constraints on filing a claim. We advise them about their possibility of success. We give them the information they need to make sound decisions about the case.

Investigating the Accident to Strengthen Your Case

Our lawyers request training records and testing records. We interview people who can attest to the type of training provided by the truck company. We investigate the driving record of the trucker to see whether there have been similar accidents in the past. We determine whether the driver completed the training course designed for the particular truck involved in the accident or for a truck with a different load capacity. We use the information obtained through our investigation to build a strong case for our injured client.

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Contact a trial lawyer at BRC for a free initial consultation if you have been seriously injured, or a loved one has been killed, in a trucking accident resulting from poor driver training. We have been handling truck accident cases in northern New Jersey, including Newark and Jersey City, since the 1970s. We have helped people injured in tailgating and speeding accidents on the New Jersey Turnpike and I-95. We know what to do.

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