Legal Considerations When Selecting a Rideshare Crash Lawyer

Blog,Ridesharing • May 15, 2020

The rideshare industry is still developing, meaning that many people are unfamiliar with the legal aspects of accidents involving Uber or Lyft drivers. The legal facts of an Uber accident raise questions and concerns that are much different than a typical vehicle collision. Because of these unique concerns, it’s advised that potential plaintiffs choose a lawyer with experience representing those injured in a rideshare collision. 

However, just choosing a lawyer with proven experience representing past Uber crash victims is just one of many important criteria that should be considered. There are some additional things that should be considered when selecting the best Uber accident attorney in New Jersey to handle your legal claim. 

Local Knowledge Is Crucial to a Successful Rideshare Injury Claim

A qualified New Jersey Uber accident attorney can be a great asset to your legal claim, especially when they have knowledge of your local area. Certainly, this would include knowing the specific local laws that could potentially impact your ability to recover compensation after the accident. Perhaps even more important is that a local Uber accident attorney in the New Jersey area will likely have crucial connections with local law enforcement and insurance companies, which can be a significant benefit to your claim. 

Why Experience With Insurance Companies Can Benefit Your Claim

It may seem that experience with insurance providers could be negative to those who are pursuing a claim after a New Jersey Uber accident. In the end, don’t insurance providers usually offer lower settlement offers that do not maximize the value of a legal claim? 

The answer is yes, this is often the case. However, it is your New Jersey personal injury attorney who will negotiate with the insurance company in order to reach a settlement that is worthy of your case. 

If your Uber accident attorney in New Jersey has a proven success record of negotiating fair settlements that maximize victim compensation following a collision, it can ultimately serve as an indicator of the likelihood you will obtain a strong settlement as well. 

Choosing a Personal Injury Firm with Local Law Offices Near You

As we’ve discussed previously, it can be a significant boost to your legal claim to hire a local Uber accident lawyer. With that in mind, a firm with the resources necessary to investigate your claim and obtain expert witnesses that strengthen your claim. 

At Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC, we have the resources needed to take on a rideshare injury case and go up against the insurance companies of these large organizations. When you contact our firm, you will be put in touch with a local law office near you that you can represent your legal claim. 

To put it simply, you need an Uber/Lyft crash attorney who will give your case the time and resources it needs for success. We will treat you as more than just a case number. Our legal team will fight to recover the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC is here to provide injured Uber crash victims with both these benefits. 

When you consult with an attorney at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC, you can be certain that your case is in good hands. Contact our offices today to talk with a legal representative that will give your case the compassion and dedication it deserves. 

Uber & Lyft Crashes in New Jersey

Legal Considerations When Selecting a Rideshare Crash LawyerCrash on Wrangleboro RdThe rideshare industry came around and changed the way we all get around. The industry itself is extremely new and continuously changing. The rideshare industry will keep evolving over time, and these companies will present new legal concerns as this occurs. 

The majority of people think that ridesharing offers a beneficial service to the public at large. However, there are some notable downsides that go along the industry. While it is true that the industry’s biggest players — namely Uber and Lyft — do whatever possible to keep their services safe, these companies can only do so much. All drivers on the roads of New Jersey are at risk of causing catastrophic accidents, including those who are tasked with transporting passengers from place to place. 

That have been recent studies establishing a link between the creation of Uber and an increase in roadway fatalities in the United States. Across the country, traffic fatalities have increased, with some sources claiming a 2 to 3 percent rise. This means an additional 1,100 people are dying annually. Why this is the case isn’t exactly clear at this time. However, more Uber drivers mean that there are more cars on the road and more miles being driven. Also, many drivers for Uber and Lyft aren’t provided the necessary training to make sure that they will not put their passengers in danger. Any potential injuries associated with the rideshare industry are compounded by the fact that these large companies will attempt to avoid liability by claiming their drivers are just contractors and not direct employees. 

Those who are injured in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle should consult with an Uber/Lyft crash lawyer in New Jersey immediately in order to better understand their legal options. The legal team at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC is here to help you make sure that your case is treated fairly and that the liable driver is held accountable for his or her actions. We will fight to make sure that you recover the compensation you deserve so that your life can get back on track. Contact our law offices today at (201) 997- 0030 if you or a loved one has been unfairly injured in a crash involving a rideshare driver.