New Jersey Motorcycle Crashes: Do I Have a Case?

Blog,Personal Injury • April 13, 2020

When you consult with a New Jersey personal injury lawyer after a motorcycle crash, one of the things you will discuss is if you have a viable case. It’s true that not all collisions will end in a successful claim due to the fact that the circumstances of every accident are different. In order to successfully pursue a motorcycle injury claim, you and your attorney have to be able to create a convincing case that another party–usually the other driver involved in the accident, but sometimes another party who contributed in some way to the incident–acted negligently and that this negligence resulted in your sustained injuries. 

Everyone on the road has a duty to other drivers and pedestrians. It’s expected that we will all drive in a careful and reasonable way that does not put others at risk of preventable danger. A driver who is speeding, follows too closely, fails to yield, ignores traffic devices, or just drives in a reckless way can be found negligent if his or her actions fail to fulfill this basic duty of care, resulting in harm to another. 

Elements of a Successful Motorcycle Injury Case

In order to have a successful injury case involving a motorcycle accident, you have to be able to make strong arguments that prove the following:

  • That the party accused of negligence had a duty to act in such a way as to avoid putting others in unnecessary danger.
  • That the accused party failed to fulfill this duty of care.
  • That the actions of the accused party resulted in injuries, for which the injured plaintiff is seeking to be compensated.

If the circumstances of your crash don’t support just one of these elements, you may have a hard time building an effective claim and fail to recover any compensation for your damages. This is one of many reasons why you should contact a New Jersey motorcycle crash lawyer as soon as you can–so that he or she can determine if you have a strong enough case and start collecting any evidence to support your case immediately. 

There are many unfair stereotypes associated with people who pursue personal injury claims. The insurance industry, in cooperation with the chamber of commerce organizations, has tried their best to paint injury plaintiffs and the lawyers who represent them in a negative way. Despite what those companies would want you to think, there’s nothing at all greedy or dishonest about seeking fair compensation for injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. You’re not trying to unfairly obtain “something for nothing,” and you’re not just trying to attack the other driver involved in the crash. These are just ways that insurance companies that have a strong stake in seeing fewer personal injury claims try to shame others out of their deserved compensation for injuries they’ve suffered unfairly. 

Damages in New Jersey Motorcycle Crashes

A motorcycle crash can result in devastating consequences. Riders are extremely exposed to being injured than those traveling in other vehicles, even if they are fortunate enough to heal completely and do not suffer from a longterm disability, the damages are still catastrophic. Medical expenses can rise quickly, putting your family’s financial stability at risk. Simultaneously, you may be unable to return to work for an unknown period of time while you are recovering, effectively depriving you of your earnings and potentially risking your professional advancement. Some crash victims may be unable to care for their children without much-needed recovery, resulting in additional expenses. 

There are also other, less tangible forms of harm, like those impacting your life in ways that aren’t reflected by your bank account. The crash may force you to miss important life events, like vacations, weddings, or graduation ceremonies. You may be unable to engage in hobbies or pastimes that used to enrich your life. Also, the physical and emotional suffering resulting from your injuries may be tremendous. Finally, your injuries could stop you from engaging in what most riders feel most passionate about–riding their bike. 

Discuss Your Case with a New Jersey Motorcycle Crash Lawyer

New Jersey Motorcycle Crashes: Do I Have a Case?If anything like that has happened to you due tot he recklessness of another driver, you have every right to pursue compensation for all injuries and damages that you’ve suffered. You shouldn’t feel guilty about exercising your legal rights. No one goes to jail due to a legitimate civil suit. In nearly all cases, it’s the insurance company that will cover your damages, not the driver who caused your injuries. You’re not even making the accusation that the driver is a bad person. We all make mistakes–that’s why we have insurance. When someone makes a mistake that results in injuries to your person, there’s nothing wrong with seeking compensation to be made whole again. 

The best thing you can do for your own wellbeing after being injured in a motorcycle crash is to obtain medical treatment and then reach out to a qualified motorcycle crash attorney in New Jersey immediately. Your lawyer will help you determine if you grounds to pursue a case, start gathering evidence to support your claim, and even deal with the insurance company on your behalf so you can focus on your own health and recovery. 

New Jersey Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles leave their riders extremely vulnerable to being severely injured in the event of a crash. Riders are 27 times more likely to suffer fatal injuries in an accident compared to those traveling in passenger vehicles. In 2016, over 2,200 motorcyclists were involved in car accidents in New Jersey. In some cases, injured parties can recover lost compensation with the help of a qualified New Jersey motorcycle crash attorney

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