Rideshare Drivers Are Not Obligated to Take Added Safety Training

Blog,Ridesharing • May 5, 2021

Uber and Lyft drivers have to undergo a background check before taking any passengers, but they are not obligated to have any more qualifications than a typical driver. This can mean that your rideshare driver may be unsure of what to do to avoid car crashes and accidents on the road. 

Rideshare drivers are like any other motorist and are vulnerable to driving drowsy, speeding, or distracted, along with other negligent behaviors. Unfortunately, these drivers also transport passengers who pay for their services, and these undertrained motorists are responsible for the safety of those riding in their cars. 

A recent study from the Becker Friedman Institute shows that there has been an increase in car crashes involving rideshare vehicles related to the rising popularity of these services. This trend may be related to the following: 

  • Absence of professional driving qualifications and experience
  • Rideshare companies separating themselves from liability
  • Minimal governmental regulations and standards for rideshare companies

Rideshare drivers for Uber and Lyft are legally obligated to operate their vehicles in a safe manner. When a driver for one of these companies fails to live up to this pledge and causes injury, injured parties have the right to seek compensation for their injuries and other related damages. 

How to Recover After a New Jersey Uber Accident

Rideshare Drivers Are Not Obligated to Take Added Safety TrainingMany rideshare passengers are unsure of what to do to obtain compensation after being injured in an Uber/Lyft accident. They are also uncertain of how much compensation they deserve and who is liable for their damages. 

You need a trusted New Jersey rideshare crash attorney on your side to determine your legal standing and get the process started toward recovery. 

Hire a New Jersey Uber/Lyft Injury Attorney

It can be complicated to recover compensation after being injured in a crash as an Uber or Lyft passenger. A qualified New Jersey personal injury attorney can help you determine who is responsible for your financial recovery for the following: 

  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost income and future earning capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Wrongful death

Uber and Lyft carry insurance policies intended to cover the costs of certain kinds of accidents and their resulting injuries or damages caused by negligent rideshare motorists. 

New Jersey Rideshare Accidents

Those who are injured in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle should consult with an Uber/Lyft crash lawyer in New Jersey immediately in order to better understand their legal options. The legal team at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC is here to help you make sure that your case is treated fairly and that the liable driver is held accountable for his or her actions. We will fight to make sure that you recover the compensation you deserve so that your life can get back on track. Contact our New Jersey rideshare crash attorneys today at (201) 997- 0030 if you or a loved one has been unfairly injured in a crash involving a rideshare driver.