Ridesharing Can Be Extremely Dangerous

Uncategorized • September 30, 2020

How to Report a Dangerous New Jersey Lyft DriverRidesharing is usually pretty safe, but there are reports all across New Jersey involving reckless Uber or Lyft drivers who cause serious and sometimes fatal accidents. 

You can be seriously harmed or even killed by a rideshare driver in New Jersey. If you are involved in a collision involving a Lyft or Uber driver, you should consult with a New Jersey Lyft accident attorney to protect your rights. Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC is a Kearny law firm that helps those who have been unfairly injured by rideshare drivers. 

Spotting a Dangerous Lyft Driver

There are some important signs to look for if you think your driver is driving intoxicated or is driving the vehicle in an unsafe way. There are some actions that drivers can do that result in accidents and injuries, including: 

  • Reckless driving. If the driver is operating the vehicle in a dangerous manner, like swerving, slamming the brakes, or showing signs of road rage, you should report it. You should stay calm and just ask your driver to pull over. You should report the incident to Uber or Lyft and to the authorities.
  • Asking inappropriate questions. Uber and Lyft drivers can engage in small talk when you’re on the road. If an Uber driver starts to ask personal questions or say inappropriate things, you should ask them to stop. You should then file a complaint with the rideshare company. 
  • Failure to follow Uber or Lyft regulations. If you believe that the driver is not following the regulations set by the company, you should report them. This can many things, such as a vehicle in poor condition, speeding, or any other actions that make you feel uncomfortable. 

Rideshare drivers must behave in a professional manner, and they are not allowed to say anything inappropriate, touch you, or engage in any threatening behavior. They also must operate the car in a safe manner.