[Study] The Deadliest Roads in New Jersey

Car Accidents • December 15, 2022

The unfortunate reality of our motor vehicle-centric world is that a fatal crash can occur at any place and at any time.  Even if there are no other vehicles around, a mistake or vehicle defect can lead to a devastating collision.

While all of this is true, are there areas on our roadways where the danger is elevated?  At Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC, we worked with data visualization agency 1Point21 Interactive, to find out.

We examined 20 years of fatal crash data to identify which roads are deadliest in New Jersey.   We identified nine different five-mile stretches where a high volume of fatal collisions occurred in close proximity to one another – making them the deadliest road stretches in New Jersey.

Interactive Map

The map below is interactive.  Hover over each stretch to reveal more information.  Use mouse wheels or touch gestures to zoom in or out and move the map center.  If viewing on a mobile device, rotate to landscape for best viewing experience.

Why five-mile stretches?

We’ve seen many other studies simply total up the fatal crashes and present the data.  This obviously leads to the roads and highways that are the longest coming up at the top.  Even adjusting for fatalities per mile isn’t especially useful, as road conditions, traffic volumes, and many other factors can change drastically over long distances.   By looking a five mile segments, we can give readers a tangible area to watch out for.

Data Table: The Deadliest Stretches of Road in New Jersey

The table below lists the ten deadliest five-mile stretches of road in New Jersey.  Rank is determined by the number of fatal crashes, with ties broken by total fatalities.

Rank Road Start and End City Crashes Deaths
1 US-9 Woodlawn Ave – McClellan St Elizabeth 46 55
2 US-130 Delran Pkwy – Levitt Pkwy Riverside 35 36
3 US-322 Sicklerville Rd – Coles Mill Rd Monroe 32 34
4 US-30 Ellis Ave – W Evergreen Ave Lindenwold 30 32
5 I-80 exits 55B-61 Paterson 30 31
6 I-76 exits 1C-5B Camden 26 26
7 I-80 exits 42A-48 Parsippany 24 26
8 US-9 W Farms Rd – Helen Ave Freehold 23 24
9 US-9 Bordertown Ave – W Pond Rd South Amboy 18 21

A Closer Look at the Top Nine

All nine of the deadly stretches that we identified can be found on highways or interstates, three of which are along US-9.  During the 20-year study period, nearly three hundred people were killed in crashes that occurred on just 45 miles of roadway.

Deadliest Places on New Jersey Roads


Number 1:  US-9 in Elizabeth

  • Exits: Woodlawn Ave – McClellan St
  • Fatal Crashes: 46
  • Road Deaths: 55

This five-mile stretch of US-9 is the deadliest place on New Jersey roadways.  During the study period, there were 46 fatal crashes and 55 deaths along this road segment – by far the most of any that we identified.  In fact, it had 11 more fatal crashes and 19 more deaths than the second deadliest stretch.  It runs through Elizabeth and ends (or begins depending upon the direction a person is traveling) at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Number 2:  US-130 in Burlington County

  • Exits: Delran Pkwy – Levitt Pkwy
  • Fatal Crashes: 35
  • Road Deaths: 36

In second place, this stretch of US-130 saw 35 fatal crashes.  The segment actually runs through several townships in Burlington County, including Delran, Riverside, and Willingboro.

Number 3:  US-322 in Monroe

  • Exits: Sicklerville Rd – Coles Mill Rd
  • Fatal Crashes: 32
  • Road Deaths: 34

Third on the list is US-322 in Monroe.  This section of US-322 is also known as South Blackhorse Pike and saw 32 fatal crashes and 34 deaths.

Number 4:  US-30 in Lindenwold

  • Exits: Ellis Ave – W Evergreen Avet
  • Fatal Crashes: 30
  • Road Deaths: 32

This five-mile stretch of US-30 was the location of 30 fatal crashes that took the lives of 32 people.  Oddly enough, this section is known as South Whitehorse Pike, in contrast to the stretch ranked third on South Blackhorse Pike.

Number 5:  I-80 in Paterson

  • Exits:  55B-61
  • Fatal Crashes: 30
  • Road Deaths: 31

Coming in at number five is the first interstate road stretch on the list.  This section of I-80 runs through Paterson, the third most populous city in New Jersey.  During the study period, there were 30 fatal crashes and 31 road deaths here.

Number 6:  I-76 in Camden

  • Exits: 1C-5B
  • Fatal Crashes: 26
  • Road Deaths: 26

This five-mile segment of I-76 is located in Camden and was the site of exactly 26 crashes and 26 deaths.  This makes it the only stretch in our top nine to not have a crash with multiple fatalities.

Number 7:  I-80 in Parsippany

  • Exits: 42A-48
  • Fatal Crashes: 24
  • Road Deaths: 26

The second of two deadly stretches of I-80, this segment in Parsippany comes in at number 7 overall.  There were 24 fatal crashes that took the lives of 26 people during the study period.

Number 8:  US-9 in Freehold

  • Exits: W Farms Rd – Helen Ave
  • Fatal Crashes: 23
  • Road Deaths: 24

Number 9:  US-9 in South Amboy

  • Exits: Woodlawn Ave – McClellan St
  • Fatal Crashes: 18
  • Road Deaths: 21

Coming in at numbers 8 and 9 are two more sections of US-9 in Freehold and South Amboy, respectively.  The two sections are among three of the top nine that were found along US-9.

Methodology and Fair Use

This study examined 20 years of fatal collision data from the NHTSA – hundreds of thousands of records.  We looked for five-mile stretches were collisions occurred in close proximity to one another.    We feel that, by identifying theses areas, we can help motorists understand the dangers they face on the road and adjust their behavior or routes accordingly.

If you would like to report on or republish any of the data or images contained within this study, please link to this study page to provide attribution for our work.