Uber Drivers Are Often Inexperienced Behind the Wheel

Blog,Ridesharing • October 21, 2020

Recent studies and reports reveal some eye-opening information on the rideshare industry, from the perspectives of rideshare drivers and potential customers. 

While it is not entirely common, it turns out that you do not have to even own a vehicle worthy of Uber or Lyft in order to drive for one of these companies. There are many other options out there for potential rideshare drivers, like the partnership between Lyft and the vehicle manufacturer General Motors that leases vehicles to Lyft drivers. These vehicles are offered on lease until the driver reaches more than 75 rides per week. Other companies like Hertz and Enterprise also provide similar leasing options for rideshare drivers. Uber has a short-term leasing program and peer-to-peer service called Hyrecar that provides rideshare drivers a way to arrange their own rentals with ordinary car owners. 

This may sound like great news for someone who is looking to make some extra crash by ridesharing but does not have a vehicle or does not have one that is up to the standards expected by Uber and Lyft customers. However, from the perspective of those worried about personal injury cases, these programs can raise some concerns. We are not entirely sure how significant these problems maybe, but they are worth considering — at the very least. 

Potential Risks of Rideshare Programs

Uber Drivers Are Often Inexperienced Behind the WheelThese short-term leasing options mean that it is more than possible that rideshare drivers may not be fully experienced with driving their vehicles. After you have owned a car for a week or two, you usually know it pretty well, but there is a defined period where you are still learning about the ins-and-outs and all its features. Anyone who has rented a vehicle knows that the first hour of driving can be quite stressful when you do not quite understand how the vehicle works. If you have ever found yourself realizing you do not know how to work the headlights on a new rental car, you will probably know what we mean. 

It can be argued that this means that there is a great risk posed by confusion or distraction that could increase the likelihood of an injury. At the very least, Uber and Lyft carry considerable liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which is a good thing considering the potential dangers of riding with a rideshare driver.