Understanding Severe & Catastrophic Injuries

Blog,Personal Injury • April 27, 2020

With some crash injuries, the process of determining the value of the damages suffered by the victim due to the accident can be a fairly clear-cut process, even though the agreed-upon sum will likely be contested by the insurance provider. However, accidents that result in catastrophic injuries usually need a much more extensive procedure to fully determine the value of expenses that your injuries have caused you. A majority of injury claims can benefit from the aid of a qualified Jersey City personal injury attorney, but when a case involves injuries of this magnitude, the help of a qualified New Jersey car crash attorney is necessary for the crash victim to recover the full value of the damages they need to make a recovery. 

Calculating Your Economic Damages

Catastrophic injuries usually involve complicated, long-term injuries, many of which can potentially inflict permanent impairment on the crash victim. With simpler forms of injury, personal injury lawyers will often advise defendants to wait until they have received all necessary medical treatment that they need and are recovered fully before starting the settlement negotiations. This will make sure that they have a firm understanding of the true extent of their injuries, but when a crash victim has suffered catastrophic injuries that result in a permanent disability, waiting until their medical treatment has come to a finish is not a viable option. Many forms of disability and permanent injuries need treatment or medical treatment for the remainder of the injured party’s life. 

The financial costs associated with initial treatment needed after a catastrophic injury can be just as devastating to a crash victim, especially those without adequate health insurance coverage. An extended hospital stay, referrals to specialists, medical imaging scans, pain management treatment, and surgery are all types often come with a significant price tag. If your personal injury protection coverage isn’t enough to cover your costs, or your health insurance comes with steep co-pays, thresholds, payment caps, or repayment requirements, you may find yourself in a dire financial situation at a point in time when you are unable to handle the extra expenses. This is the very reason you should pursue a personal injury claim — to obtain the funds needed to pay for medical treatment and associated costs relating to your injuries, so you do not find yourself facing bankruptcy due to someone else’s negligence. 

The damages that your lawyer will help you pursue are not limited to only the amount of your physician’s bills. Any other costs related to your medical treatment, like prescription medications, medical devices and equipment, hospital and surgical billing, and even transportation to and from your appointments, can all be included in your pursuit of lost compensation. If your injuries resulted in long-lasting impairment that will need extended medical treatment, the estimated future costs can also be included. 

What About Non-Economic Damages?

Understanding Severe & Catastrophic InjuriesThere are other costs that are often associated with catastrophic injuries that result in long-lasting disability. Most people with disabilities have higher rates of medical complications due to their injuries or conditions, compared to the general population. Also, the trauma of a crash and the lingering pain or physical impairment related to a disability caused by an injury can result in mental health concerns, like depression or post-traumatic stress syndrome. These are all legitimate medical concerns resulting from your crash injuries, and you have a right to recover fair compensation. 

When facing protracted care that could end up costing you millions of dollars throughout your life, you could find yourself wondering what the full costs of these procedures, prescriptions, and other treatments may be. You don’t have to break out a calculator. Your New Jersey personal injury lawyer will bring in medical and financial experts who can help calculate the projected lifetime costs resulting from your catastrophic injuries. These professionals will collaborate with your physicians to design a life-care plan that outlines the type of treatment you will need in the future and use this information to create an estimate of your future medical costs. 

Any kind of crash that results in injuries can be a serious disruption to your livelihood, and if you suffer catastrophic injuries, that disruption could result in permanent changes to your career and lifestyle. In far too many cases, people who suffer these injuries also experience the disruption of their financial stability due to the significant costs associated with their medical treatment. However, with the help of a New Jersey personal injury attorney with years of experience handling these kinds of cases, you can avoid the financial hardship that often accompanies severe injury and disability. Coping with a serious injury that could leave you with a life-long disability is a hard experience along, and going up against an insurance adjuster who has a strong financial incentive to contest that your injuries are are not as severe as your physician tells you and demands that you justify the medical costs you require to regain even partial functioning can be difficult for most. You shouldn’t have to deal with this ordeal on your own. Seek the help of a qualified New Jersey personal injury lawyer with the experience in handling catastrophic injury cases as soon as possible. 

New Jersey Car Accidents

Each year, 3 million people across the country are injured in more than 6 million reported car accidents. There are tens of thousands more who are killed, and around 2 million who suffer permanent injuries. These catastrophic injuries can be devastating and result in long-term economic hardship. 

If you or a loved one is involved in a serious crash, the resulting damages can be overwhelming. Many victims are unsure of what to do next to protect their legal rights. An experienced New Jersey car crash attorney can help injured victims and their families recover lost compensation. 

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