What Happens When a Pedestrian Is Struck by an Uber Driver?

Blog,Ridesharing • April 28, 2021

Uber accidents happen all the time, and the victims are not always those riding in the Uber or another vehicle.

Pedestrians are also commonly involved in rideshare accidents in New Jersey. There are a few things to keep in mind when pursuing compensation after being injured as a pedestrian in an Uber accident. 

Pedestrian Uber Accidents Can Be Tricky

What Happens When a Pedestrian Is Struck by an Uber Driver?There are some practices that are often used in other types of accidents that may not apply to an Uber pedestrian crash. It is usually recommended to gather evidence to help build your case. 

However, many of these are not possible for pedestrian victims. Injured pedestrians may be unable to get up and walk around the scene after being hit by an Uber driver. Sadly, pedestrians are often left unconscious or dying after an impact. 

So, injured pedestrians shouldn’t worry about these practices. A nearby witness may be able to tell their account of the accident, and your New Jersey rideshare injury attorney can even conduct their own investigation. 

Driver Status and Ride Period of the Uber Driver

As an injured pedestrian, there is a lengthy recovery time ahead of them. 

Your ability to obtain compensation will be determined by the status of the Uber Driver due to the fact that Uber only accepts accountability for accidents when drivers are in one of three periods: 

  • Period One. When the app is on but there is no passenger in the vehicle. Uber drivers are often cruising the road, waiting for new fares. Uber claims that their drivers are not on the clock while waiting for a fare. If a driver strikes a pedestrian at this time, Uber will only cover liability and nothing else, including any injuries to the driver or a pedestrian.
  • Period Two. This is when the driver is en route to pick up a fare. While the driver is picking up a passenger, they will be covered under Uber’s insurance policy. If the ride is canceled, it reverts back to period one, and Uber will not cover any resulting damages in an accident.
  • Period Three. When the driver has a passenger in the vehicle. If the Uber driver has picked up the fare and is transporting the passenger to their destination, any injuries resulting from an accident will be covered under the company’s insurance policy. 

These and other factors can make Uber pedestrian accidents fairly complex personal injury claims. 

Uber Accidents in Kearny NJ

Those who are injured in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle should consult with an Uber/Lyft crash lawyer in New Jersey immediately in order to better understand their legal options. The legal team at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC is here to help you make sure that your case is treated fairly and that the liable driver is held accountable for his or her actions. We will fight to make sure that you recover the compensation you deserve so that your life can get back on track. Contact our New Jersey rideshare crash attorneys today at (201) 997- 0030 if you or a loved one has been unfairly injured in a crash involving a rideshare driver.