What If My Uber Driver is Uninsured?

Blog,Ridesharing • July 10, 2020

A recent news story involved a passenger who was injured during a Lyft ride, and the victim claimed that the Lyft driver was uninsured at the time of the crash. The Lyft passenger is now looking to the rideshare company for answers after finding out after the crash that his driver lacked up-to-date insurance coverage. 

The victim suffered a severe neck injury with multiple herniated discs and disc bulges in his neck and lower back. These injuries prevented the victim from going back to work as a trained saxophonist. The victim also reported that his medical bills continued to rise and that he was was not sure when, or of, Lyft would take on responsibility for his accident. 

Who is Liable After a New Jersey Rideshare Accident?

What If My Uber Driver is Uninsured?These types of stories have been common in news outlets, with injuries rideshare passengers taking issue with the way that big rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft handle crash claims and incidents where the rideshare driver lacks insurance. Riders in big cities across New Jersey usually rely on rideshare companies to get to and from work, important appointments, and fun nights out. No one expects to be left in a frustrating situation after a collision, such as the one described above involving the victim of a Lyft collision where the driver lacked insurance. 

In the case of the victim described earlier, it was later found that the driver had the required insurance coverage when he started working for the company, but at some point stopped paying the premiums and continued driving for the ridesharing company. This is something that should not be allowed to happen, but as the case above shows, it is a real possibility. Lyft should regularly check in with their drivers on a monthly basis to make sure that they are carrying the required insurance coverage. 

Lyft was even contacted to provide a statement on how often they check to see if their drivers are continuing to carry the required insurance coverage. 

According to the company, the driver responsible for that particular accident was fired, and the driver also refused to exchange information with the victim before leaving the scene of the crash. The company also reported that they are still trying to obtain a real answer about the question of checking insurance coverage, but reiterated that all Lyft drivers must show that they have proof of insurance when they are first hired at the company. 

This answer does little to properly address these concerns. Situations such as these lead many Uber or Lyft passengers to hire a New Jersey personal injury lawyer in order to recover the compensation they need to recover from their injuries. 

What Should I Do if My New Jersey Lyft or Uber Driver is Uninsured?  

Rideshare drivers are instructed by Uber and Lyft to call 911 to make sure that their passengers obtain any medical attention necessary in the event of a collision. If your Uber or Lyft driver in New Jersey does not follow this established protocol, be sure that you take the following steps to ensure that everyone involved in the accident is okay. 

After taking these key steps, Uber and Lyft do not make it evident what will happen in the event of a crash. Their websites allow riders to contact the company if a crash happens, but the companies are not quite so transparent about what occurs after. It is recommended that victims bring their case to a qualified New Jersey Uber crash attorney because they will be going up against a large company that is looking to protect both its drivers and reputation. 

In any case, you should demand the following information from anyone involved in a New Jersey rideshare accident: 

  • Name, address, and phone number.
  • Role in the accident, such as driver, passenger, rideshare passenger, etc.
  • Personal insurance information.
  • The rideshare company’s insurance information. 
  • Vehicle information, including the make, model, registration number, and license plate number.

Also, you should try to take down the accounts of any witnesses at the scene, and be sure to take down their contact details for a follow-up. You should also take photos of the scene of the accident, including any damage to vehicles, properties, or persons involved. 

Because you may be dealing with many insurance companies, including your own, that of the driver, and also the rideshare company, it is very important to get this information as soon as you can, starting immediately after the crash. All of this information will be of use to your New Jersey rideshare crash attorney when you are trying to make your case as strong as you can. 

If you or a loved one were injured in a rideshare accident in New Jersey, you should contact the offices of Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC right away. Our team of experienced rideshare crash attorneys in New Jersey are experienced in dealing with complex rideshare cases, so we will know what to cover your medical bills and put your mind at ease after an accident. 

Uber Accidents in New Jersey

There have been recent studies establishing a link between the creation of Uber and an increase in roadway fatalities in the United States. Across the country, traffic fatalities have increased, with some sources reporting a 2 to 3% rise. This means an additional 1,100 people are dying annually, but why this is the case is not exactly clear at this time. 

Those who are injured in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle should consult with an Uber/Lyft crash lawyer in New Jersey immediately in order to better understand their legal options. The legal team at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC is here to help you make sure that your case is treated fairly and that the liable driver is held accountable for his or her actions. We will fight to make sure that you recover the compensation you deserve so that your life can get back on track after an Uber or Lyft collision in New Jersey. Contact our personal injury law offices today at (201) 997- 0030 if you or a loved one has been unfairly injured in a New Jersey rideshare accident.