What to Do After Being Injured in a New Jersey Uber Accident

Blog,Ridesharing • August 19, 2020

Many residents in New Jersey will choose not to drive when going out for the night, commuting to and from work, or even just running routine errands. Reports show that the use of Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services is on the rise. While many feel perfectly safe when traveling in a rideshare vehicle, the reality is that there are many things that can potentially go wrong when using rideshare, and some studies have found that traffic fatalities are on the rise due to rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. 

New Jersey Rideshare Accidents Resulting in Injury & Death

Those who depend on ridesharing are putting their safety in the hands of another driver. Even though rideshare drivers undergo a careful screening process and various background checks, but this does not mean that they cannot be involved in a collision. 

There have been cases in the past involving intoxicated rideshare drivers being involved in collisions. In one case, a Lyft driver was involved in a crash with a drunk driver. The accident resulted in the Lyft passenger being ejected from the vehicle and sustaining fatal injuries, while the Lyft driver and a passenger in the other vehicle suffered serious injuries. This type of accident can happen anywhere, and the road can be a dangerous place, even for those who are tasked with transporting passengers. You may wonder what happens when you are a passenger in a rideshare when an accident takes place. 

The Safety & Security of Rideshare Passengers 

What to Do After Being Injured in a New Jersey Uber AccidentNew Jersey takes auto insurance coverage very seriously, and rideshare services are no exception. When a crash takes place, the rideshare driver, as well as the company, can potentially be held liable for injuries or the loss of a loved one. Uber and Lyft are required to have $1 million in insurance coverage in the event of a crash that results in personal injury, property damage, or the death of a passenger. If you are accepted by the driver, you are considered to be covered by the company’s insurance policy. 

Holding Uber & Lyft Accountable for New Jersey Crash Injuries

One of the primary challenges faced by victims of a rideshare accident or those who have lost a loved one in a rideshare collision is understanding the rights and obligations that the rideshare company to you and your family. You are entitled to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, but you may be unsure of what to do next. You may not know your rights under New Jersey law. A New Jersey Uber accident attorney at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC can help. 

Rideshare Collisions in New Jersey

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