What You Should Do After Being Involved in a New Jersey Rideshare Accident

Blog,Ridesharing • February 17, 2021

Here are some key steps you should take if you are ever the victim of an Uber or Lyft accident in New Jersey

Seek Necessary Medical Treatment

If you suffered injuries in the crash, you should seek immediate medical treatment. You should do this even if you do not feel you suffered serious injuries in the accident. In many cases, car crash injuries are much worse than they may seem initially. Many typical car crash injuries like concussions, back injuries, and soft tissue damage have delayed symptoms that may not become apparent until days or weeks after the rideshare accident

Also, seeing a physician is required for legal reasons. If you are planning on filing a personal injury claim in the future, you will need official medical documentation that proves your injuries. You will be unable to pursue a claim for damages without this documentation. 

Report Your Crash to the Authorities

Car crashes must be reported to the local police department. In New Jersey, this is the legal responsibility of the drivers involved in the crash. However, even as a rideshare passenger, you have an interest in ensuring that the police are notified. You should provide a statement in the official police report so that you can set the record straight about the circumstances of the accident. 

Report Your Crash to the Rideshare Company

What You Should Do After Being Involved in a New Jersey Rideshare AccidentAfter you have completed these steps, your New Jersey rideshare accident should be reported to the responsible company right away. Uber and Lyft both have accident claim forms available on their website or through their respective apps. Be sure to report your crash as soon as you can. If you fail to do so, it can impact your ability to pursue a personal injury claim. If you have any issues getting the company to accept the accident report, please contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer immediately. 

Consult with a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

Lastly, as you should with any serious accident, you should contact a qualified New Jersey car crash attorney as soon as possible. 

This is even more crucial in serious accident cases because these claims often include complicated insurance situations. Insurance companies will often fail to offer you full and fair compensation for your injuries.