Can I Obtain Compensation After Being Injured in an Uber Accident?

Blog,Ridesharing • October 28, 2020

According to state laws, Uber is required to protect individuals from suffering from unfair injuries or death due to drivers who are distracted or inattentive behind the wheel. 

For that reason, when the negligence of an Uber driver causes an accident, there are many factors that must be considered in order to recover compensation. Many of these factors are unique to the given situation. Uber drivers are responsible for keeping their eyes on the road at all times due to the growing demand for rideshare services experienced in many cities across the country. In the event of a serious accident, rideshare drivers must be held liable for their actions under any circumstance. 

What to Consider After a New Jersey Uber Accident

Can I Obtain Compensation After Being Injured in an Uber Accident? JerseyCover for a crash will often depend on the driver’s activity at the time of the accident. Uber drivers and passengers will be covered under a three-party insurance plan provided. 

As discussed, the way compensation is received will depend upon the circumstances of each case. If the driver was using their car for personal purposes at the time of the crash, liability and coverage will be determined by the individual driver’s insurance policy. 

If the driver is not carrying a passenger at the time of the crash, then their own insurance coverage will provide protection. 

If the driver is carrying an Uber passenger who is injured, then the company’s insurance policy will usually cover such an event. 

Do I Need a New Jersey Uber Accident Attorney?

The main reason that you need a qualified Uber accident lawyer on your side after an Uber accident is this: Uber and its insurance providers will not want to give you the compensation you need. This means that they will do whatever possible to fight your claim for damages. Uber has successfully denied coverage in many cases where one of their drivers had been solely liable for the crash. This is because Uber drivers are considered to be independent contractors and not direct employees. You may ultimately file a suit against the driver, which could provide some compensation. This is why it is crucial to discuss your case to find out more about your right to compensation after an Uber accident. 

Uber Accidents in New Jersey

Those who are injured in a crash involving a rideshare vehicle should consult with an Uber/Lyft crash lawyer in New Jersey immediately in order to better understand their legal options. The legal team at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC is here to help you make sure that your case is treated fairly and that the liable driver is held accountable for his or her actions. We will fight to make sure that you recover the compensation you deserve so that your life can get back on track. Contact our New Jersey rideshare crash attorneys today at (201) 997- 0030 if you or a loved one has been unfairly injured in a crash involving a rideshare driver.