Nutley Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Being injured in a motorcycle accident can be life changing. You may have serious physical injuries and emotional trauma, in addition to expensive medical bills and property damage. At Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC, our Nutley motorcycle accident lawyers can help you recover after a devastating collision. We understand how motorcycle accidents affect victims, as well as how to navigate the legal system in pursuit of maximum recovery. Contact us today for your free initial consultation.

Why You Need an Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident in Nutley

Filing an insurance claim or injury lawsuit for a motorcycle accident may come with certain obstacles and challenges. For example, there is a high chance that the insurance company will try to devalue your case to save money on your payout. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you negotiate for a fair settlement for your current and future losses and expenses.

Your lawyer will understand how the insurance industry works, as well as how to maximize the outcome of your claim. This is especially important if you have serious injuries and future medical needs, such as rehabilitation or physical therapy. Having a lawyer handle your claim can improve its value and give you the peace of mind to concentrate on healing.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

If you get into a motorcycle accident in Nutley, it is important not to admit fault. Do not apologize or accept the blame for the motorcycle accident when speaking to the other driver, the police or an insurance provider. Instead, contact a lawyer for a comprehensive investigation of your collision. A lawyer can help you determine the cause of your crash.

The three most common causes are:

  1. Driver errors. A motor vehicle driver can make a mistake that leads to a harmful collision. Frequent examples are texting and driving, driving under the influence, speeding, tailgating, making unsafe lane changes, running red lights, and making unsafe left-hand turns. A careless or reckless driver who causes a motorcycle accident may be financially responsible, or liable, for the crash.
  2. Roadway defects. A road defect that a standard motor vehicle can safely roll over could cause a catastrophic motorcycle accident. It is the government’s responsibility to repair potential road hazards, such as loose gravel, potholes, uneven surfaces, missing guardrails and storm debris. Failure to do so, resulting in a motorcycle accident, could make the government liable.
  3. Motorcycle defects. Some motorcycles contain defects in their designs or manufacturing that make them unreasonably dangerous for riders. Issues with how a bike steers or controls, for instance, can lead to a harmful collision. In this scenario, the motorcycle manufacturing company may be liable for injuries and damages.

If you are not sure what caused your recent motorcycle accident in Nutley, the attorneys at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC can return to the scene, gather evidence and analyze the facts to determine causation. From there, we can help you go up against one or more at-fault parties, if applicable, for fair financial compensation.

Navigating New Jersey’s No-Fault Law

During your motorcycle injury claim, you will have to navigate New Jersey’s no-fault insurance law. In New Jersey, unless your injuries are serious or you purchased “unlimited right to sue” insurance, you will only be able to file a first-party insurance claim to receive injury coverage.

New Jersey is one of only 12 states that use a no-fault law, which requires all drivers to seek coverage from their own insurers, regardless of fault. In cases involving serious injuries or a fault-based insurance policy, however, injured motorcyclists can seek recovery from the at-fault party.

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