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What Does a Kearny Bicycle Accident Lawyer Do?

A bicycle accident lawyer stands by your side and defends your rights through every step of an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. While an insurance company may try many things to devalue your claim or reject benefits, your attorney will do what is best for you. Your attorney, along with a professional legal team and qualified experts, will work hard to maximize your financial recovery. Your attorney will also connect you to top doctors and make sure you have everything you need to move on from a traumatic bicycle accident.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

A bicyclist can suffer injuries to any part of the body in an accident. Without the protection of a metal car, airbag or seat belt, the injuries involved in a bike accident are often severe to catastrophic. A catastrophic injury is one that will affect the victim long-term or permanently, such as a brain injury or paralysis.

Common injuries involved in bicycle accidents in New Jersey include:

  • Head trauma
  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions
  • Skull fractures
  • Other broken bones
  • Lower extremity injuries
  • Chest and rib injuries
  • Back and spinal cord injuries
  • Cuts, scrapes and road rash
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Permanent scarring and disability

Some bicyclists do not recover from their accidents. Every year, many cyclists lose their lives in fatal collisions in New Jersey. Drivers often have the power to prevent bicycle accidents through due care behind the wheel. Driver errors such as texting and driving, drunk driving, speeding, red-light running, and failing to yield the right-of-way are the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Kearny.

Who Is Liable for a Bicycle Accident in New Jersey?

Liability refers to a party’s financial responsibility for an accident. In New Jersey, you may only have the ability to seek financial compensation from your own personal injury protection (PIP) automobile insurance under New Jersey’s no-fault law. You do not have to prove the other driver is at fault to recover through your own insurer. If your injuries are serious enough, however, or you chose “unlimited right to sue” insurance, you may have the right to file a bicycle accident lawsuit against the other driver. In this case, you must prove the other driver is at fault.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

It is important to protect your rights immediately after a bicycle accident in Kearny. There are steps you can take to preserve your physical health and optimize your recovery options. If you can, take the following actions after a bicycle crash in New Jersey:

  1. Check yourself for injuries. If you think you may have a spinal cord injury, restrict your movements until paramedics arrive.
  2. Call 911 to report the crash.
  3. Get to a safe location, out of the road, to wait for the police.
  4. Do not admit fault for the accident.
  5. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver.
  6. Take pictures at the crash scene, if possible.
  7. Give the police your side of the story for the accident report.
  8. Go to a hospital in Kearny immediately.
  9. Call your insurance company to make an initial report of the collision.
  10. Contact a bicycle accident attorney to discuss your case.

If you need assistance with any of these steps, a law firm has the personnel and resources to help. At Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC, we have years of experience handling even the most complex personal injury cases in Jersey City, Kearny, and across New Jersey. We have what it takes to help you through this difficult time.

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