Jersey City Delivery Vehicle Accident Attorney

With more people ordering goods and services from the comfort of their homes than ever before, there has been a massive increase in the number of delivery vehicles on the roads in New Jersey. Unfortunately, not all delivery drivers and courier services are safe, prudent or careful.

At Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC, our Jersey City delivery vehicle accident attorneys have been representing individuals and families throughout New Jersey for almost 50 years in auto accident claims and lawsuits. If you were recently injured in an accident involving a delivery vehicle in Jersey City, find out how our local attorneys can help in the pursuit of justice.

Do You Need a Delivery Vehicle Accident Attorney in Jersey City?

Going up against a delivery service can be difficult without an attorney. Major delivery companies, such as Amazon and UPS, have extensive legal resources to put toward fighting responsibility for auto accidents. The best way to protect your rights and ensure a fair case outcome is by hiring a lawyer to represent you.

A Jersey City personal injury lawyer will know exactly how to handle your claim for the best possible results – even if this means going to trial. A lawyer can also provide services such as accident investigation, witness interviewing and evidence preservation to build a stronger claim to financial compensation on your behalf. Finally, a Jersey City deliver vehicle accident attorney can answer your questions and make sure your family has everything it needs to get through this difficult time.

We Can Go Up Against Any Delivery Service or Courier

The trial lawyers at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC have a reputation for aggressive litigation. Our tenacity in the courtroom has led to favorable settlements and verdicts even in the most complex cases. With a comprehensive and strategic approach to each individual case, our attorneys focus on achieving optimal results with minimal time, cost and impact to the client. We can go up against any delivery service in New Jersey, including:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Amazon
  • DHL
  • Restaurant and food delivery vehicles
  • DoorDash or GrubHub vehicles
  • Grocery delivery services
  • Flower delivery trucks
  • Other courier services

Although we successfully settle most accident cases at the insurance stage, if a defendant refuses to treat you fairly, we won’t back away from a fight. We can represent you at trial in pursuit of a favorable outcome and maximum financial compensation.

Are Most Delivery Vehicle Accidents Preventable?

In New Jersey, a no-fault insurance law stipulates that all drivers and other injured motor vehicle accident victims must seek financial benefits through their own car insurance companies, regardless of fault. After a car collision with a delivery vehicle, therefore, your first outlet for financial recovery is a first-party insurance claim from your own personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. There is an important exception, however, for serious Jersey City car accident injury claims.

According to New Jersey Statutes Annotated Section 39:6A-8, if your accident caused complex bone fractures, significant scarring and disfigurement, permanent injury or disability, or wrongful death, you have the right to bring a fault-based lawsuit against the driver or another party. In this case, you or your attorney will have to prove the defendant is at fault for your collision to recover compensation.

Most delivery vehicle accidents are preventable with due care by the delivery service and its drivers. When a company or driver is careless or reckless, this increases the risk of collisions. If a preventable error such as poor fleet maintenance, distracted driving, drunk driving, drowsy driving, speeding, running a red light, or failing to yield the right-of-way caused your accident, one or more parties may be held financially responsible.

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