Lyndhurst Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in a truck accident, you deserve to be fairly compensated for the harm you suffered. However, trucking companies and the insurance companies and lawyers who represent them will do everything possible to prevent you from securing this compensation. You need an advocate in your corner who will fight just as hard for you.

At Brady Reily & Cardoso, LLC, we have been standing up for the rights of accident victims for more than 65 years. Let us fight to protect your rights so you can focus on your recovery.

Major Trucking Routes Around Lyndhurst

While trucking accidents can potentially occur anywhere, many occur on major trucking routes, such as:

  • Route 3
  • Route 7
  • Route 17
  • Route 120
  • County Road 506
  • County Road 507
  • I-95
  • I-95W

Why Truck Accidents Are More Dangerous Than Car Accidents

Commercial trucks weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which is up to 20 times more than the average passenger vehicle. Because of their size, they are harder to maneuver and require a greater stopping distance. These factors make them much more dangerous in the event they crash into another vehicle. The momentum involved in a truck crash is significant and has the potential to cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities to occupants of passenger vehicles because of its sheer force.

Federal regulators know how deadly commercial trucks can be when they are operated or maintained in a negligent way. This is why there are so many federal regulations that govern trucking operations. Despite these laws, many trucking companies choose to flagrantly disregard them. When this occurs, innocent motorists are in the path of danger.

Possible Injuries in Truck Accidents

Because of the size and weight of commercial vehicles, many truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputation injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Facial injuries and dental trauma
  • Abdominal injuries and internal bleeding
  • Dislocated or broken bones
  • Severe burns

These crashes can be incredibly traumatizing and can cause psychological injuries such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you suffered any of these injuries, you deserve to be fairly compensated for the harm you suffered.

Compensation Available in Lyndhurst Truck Cases

A successful truck accident claim could provide you with compensation for the losses you suffer because of the accident and your injuries. Depending on the circumstances, this could include compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, including emergency treatment and transportation, hospital stays, prescription medications, and ongoing medical care
  • Future medical expenses you anticipate incurring, such as long-term care needs
  • Lost wages and employment benefits
  • Projected losses in your earning potential if you suffer permanent injuries in the accident
  • Costs to repair or replace your vehicle and other damaged property
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life

A knowledgeable truck accident lawyer from Brady Reily & Cardoso, LLC can review your case and determine the compensation you may be entitled to.

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