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Post-operative infections can significantly lengthen your hospital stay, put you in the ICU or even cause wrongful death. Because every surgery carries the risk of infection, medical professionals have a special duty to monitor and promptly treat any signs of post-op infection. When a doctor or nurse fails to fulfill this duty, and a post-surgical infection develops, the injured victim may have a viable claim for medical malpractice.

Hospitals and surgeons are required to follow strict sterilization and hygienic procedures to reduce the risk of post-operative infections. Unsanitary cleaning practices are a leading cause of bacterial infections that develop following invasive surgical procedures. Many preventable post-op infections result from:

  • Non-sterilized surgical tools
  • Unclean bandages
  • Contaminated conditions in the operating room
  • Delayed diagnosis of post-operative complications
  • Medication errors following surgery

Fighting For Victims Of Preventable Post-Surgical Infections

If you or a loved one developed a post-operative infection due to a preventable medical error, the attorneys of Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC, can help you pursue justice and full financial compensation to fund your recovery. In our nearly 50 years of practice, we have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for victims of medical malpractice in Essex County, Hudson County and throughout North Jersey. We have the experience and resources to handle complex cases, and we are committed to serving our clients with compassion and respect.

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