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The Harrison truck accident lawyers at Brady Reily & Cardoso, LLC have represented accident victims for over 65 years. We are familiar with the major trucking routes cutting through our community, including Routes 7 and 21, County Roads 506, 507, and 508, and I-95. Too often trucking companies put profits over safety. We are here to protect the rights of our community members who are injured because of the negligence of truck drivers and the companies that hire them. Call us today for your free case review. We can explain how we can help.

Types of Truck Accidents

There are many different types of truck accidents that can occur. Each has its own unique characteristics and can potentially reveal why the crash occurred in the first place. Some of the most common types of truck accidents include:

  • Blind spot accidents – Because of the size of commercial vehicles and the trailer they are carrying, commercial trucks have large blind spots. Drivers may not see much smaller vehicles that are near them and may change lanes or run into them. Drivers are responsible for keeping a lookout for other vehicles and not making unsafe lane changes.
  • Head-on crashes – Commercial truck drivers who are tired, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or distracted may crash head-on into other vehicles.
  • Rear-end accidents – Truck drivers are notorious for tailgating other drivers as a way to intimidate them and get them to move out of their way. Drivers have a financial incentive to make deliveries as fast as possible, and tailgating is one of the ways they accomplish this. However, following too closely to other vehicles can create a serious risk because trucks require longer stopping distances to brake to avoid a crash.
  • Wide-turn accidents – Trucks have a much wider turning radius than passenger vehicles. This can sometimes lead to crashes caused when a driver hits a vehicle in an adjoining lane while turning.
  • Cargo spills – When cargo is not properly secured, cargo can fall off the vehicle and pose a risk to nearby motorists.
  • Jackknife accidents – A jackknife accident occurs when the trailer swings to the side and creates a sharp angle with the cab, creating the same angle as opening a pocket knife. These accidents sometimes occur when truckers slam on their brakes, causing the cab to stop but the trailer to swing out.
  • Underride crashes – Underride crashes are particularly dangerous and can lead to fatalities, amputations, and catastrophic injuries. These accidents occur when a smaller vehicle is lodged underneath the trailer, perhaps when a truck driver makes a wide turn.
  • Tire blowouts – You may have seen large pieces of tire tread on the roadway. Tires that have lost too much tread are at risk of suddenly blowing out. A tire blowout can cause a driver to lose control and lead to devastating consequences. These accidents may be due to poor maintenance or inspections.

An experienced truck accident lawyer can gather evidence to help establish how the accident occurred and why the trucking company is financially responsible for it.

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