Eyewitness Testimony And Rideshare Accidents

Ridesharing • January 28, 2023

With rideshare accidents, you need as much evidence as possible to prove your claims. One of the best pieces of evidence that can work in your favor is eyewitness testimony. Rideshare accidents are already complex enough. You don’t need additional stress trying to prove who was at fault. Find out how eyewitness testimony can benefit your rideshare accident claim with help from the NJ Rideshare Accident Lawyer at Brady Reilly & Cardoso, LLC.

Reliability of Eyewitness Testimony

Eyewitness testimony may be used to validate the facts of your rideshare accident. The statements of eyewitnesses can support the factors of your case. An eyewitness can verify the actions of all parties involved and provide a secondhand account of what happened.

In some cases, eyewitness testimony may seem more credible than police reports. The information that police officers have is limited when it comes to rideshare accidents. They rely on the statements made by both drivers and any physical evidence left at the accident scene.

Eyewitnesses can recall the events leading up to the accident and what happened afterward. This is why eyewitness testimony is so important for rideshare accidents. But just like other forms of evidence, this type of evidence can be questionable.

Problems With Eyewitness Testimony

Human beings make mistakes, so eyewitness testimony is often questioned in court. Some witnesses may have an issue recalling certain events of an accident or forget some events altogether. The memory of an eyewitness can be affected by the following factors:

  • Mental state. Witnessing an accident can be traumatic for all witnesses. The eyewitness may not be in the best mental state to recall certain accident events.
  • Amount of time. The more time that has passed between the accident and the claim, the harder it will be for eyewitnesses to remember the facts of the accident.
  • Hormonal reactions. Eyewitnesses may experience a spike in adrenaline at the time of the accident. These reactions may make it difficult to accurately remember what they witnessed.
  • Environment. The time of day and lighting conditions are just factors that can impact what a witness can view during an accident.

The opposing counsel can use these factors to question the eyewitnesses’ testimony in your accident.

How to Effectively Use Eyewitness Testimony

Fortunately, there are ways that a lawyer may use eyewitness testimony to your advantage.

Your eyewitnesses can provide statements that accurately identify all liable parties in your accident.

Your lawyer may be able to ask your witnesses open-ended questions that can help support your claims. Eyewitnesses can help provide information about the details of the accident and how everyone reacted afterward, including the witness.

Reconstruction of The Accident

Interviewing eyewitnesses can help lawyers reconstruct the rideshare accident. There is a special type of validation that eyewitness testimony provides. Eyewitnesses may be able to recall factors like the weather conditions at the time of the accident, the conditions of the road, and the speed at which the drivers were traveling.

Eyewitnesses may be able to verify case factors that may not have been caught in photographs or video recordings. The type of questions your lawyer asks will help reconstruct the accident and help determine liability.

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